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Pro Sniper

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Pro Sniper
Liquidity EA

ProSniper Liquidity EA seamlessly integrates the advanced strategies of institutional trading with cutting-edge AI capabilities, allowing for precise identification of liquidity surges and potentially misleading market breakouts with unparalleled accuracy. This powerful synergy guarantees the pinpointing of optimal entry points for trades with heightened probabilities, laying the foundation for tactically optimised trading decisions that can lead to greater success in the ICT trading arena.”

PC – Windows/MacOS R2500

Mobile – Android R1500 – iOS R2000


Hands Free Trading!

AI Powered
Auto SL & TP
1:3 Risk Ratio
Forex Pairs
Precious Metals
Indices Instruments


The only Growth Matters, What you are offered.


Automated systems follow a predefined set of rules consistently. This ensures that the trading strategy is executed as intended, reducing the likelihood of human error.

Speed and Efficiency

Automated trading systems can execute trades at a much faster pace than human traders. They can analyze market conditions and execute orders in milliseconds, which is crucial for taking advantage of short-term trading opportunities and avoiding slippage.

Elimination of Emotions

Automated trading systems are not influenced by emotions like fear or greed. This can help in avoiding impulsive decisions and sticking to a well-defined trading strategy.

Risk Management:

Automated trading systems can incorporate risk management rules, such as stop-loss orders, position sizing, and risk-reward ratios, to help protect capital.

Minimising Human Error

Human error is a common cause of trading losses. Automation reduces the risk of manual mistakes in order entry or execution.

24/7 Availability

Automated systems can trade around the clock, even when the trader is not actively monitoring the markets. This is especially advantageous for markets that operate 24/7.

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